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What is the point of our existence if we do the same boring things every day?

Are you ready...

To be who you want to be?

To let go of the stories and beliefs that have held you back for so long?

To step out from behind the mask of parent, partner, good girl or boy?

To live a life that feels rich, delicious, exciting and delightful?

To make new connections and have healthy, loving relationships?

Transformational Coach,
Breathwork, Nia and EMDR

Hello, I'm Sophie!

I was a brilliant codependent for decades! I was also highly anxious and existed on high levels of anti-depressants for many years. I hit a rock bottom when my marriage ended and realised I couldn’t carry on the way I was. So began a journey of recovery, one that has led me to a life that I couldn’t possibly have imagined, let alone desired, when I first started.

Now, I support people who have experienced fear, trauma and codependency to move from surviving to thriving, to step into the lives they want to live.

I offer a unique blend of expertise, drawing from twenty years working in the perinatal world, my experience running successful doula and doula-training businesses, as well as my own personal healing journey. I combine coaching with other powerful practices, Breathwork, movement and EMDR, focussing on conscious, subconscious, somatic and energetic pillars of recovery. My vision is to support individuals to believe in themselves, to reclaim parts of themselves that may have got lost or forgotten over time and take positive steps towards a much more aligned and empowered life. I want to create a ripple effect of positive change in families and communities, reducing the impact and effects of trauma.

What I know to be true is that if it is possible for me to turn my life around and be happier, more content, joyful and fulfilled than I could ever have imagined then it is possible for you too!

Sophie Brigstocke EMDR and Retreats


“I still can’t believe how powerful my session with Sophie was, she supported me to honour my own feelings and release the feelings of failure and negativity that I have been burdening myself with for 11 years. I am so grateful, everyone deserves to feel important and valued in their own lives. I can’t recommend Sophie highly enough”


“I feel energised, focused and clear again. I’m no longer looping in a painful mental spin out. I’m so relieved and grateful”


“Thank you for your breathwork magic yesterday. I was only able to release all I did because of the safe, loving space you created. It was a lot to come out and I’m in awe that the breath can have the power to do that. Everyone should experience your magical work”


Is it time for you to make some changes?

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