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My philosophy across all my work is to empower women and families, to give evidence-based information and to nurture. I have been facilitating doula training courses for Nurturing Birth since early 2012.

Nurturing Birth facilitates doula preparation courses across the UK and beyond, and is approved by Doula UK.  Nurturing Birth also provide the Nurturing Birth Directory for parents to access pregnancy/birth/postnatal/feeding services as well as mentoring for doulas worldwide.  For more information about becoming a doula with Nurturing Birth visit

Contact me if you want to know my upcoming schedule of conference and study day speaking engagements.

Course attendees have given the following feedback

Sometimes you meet people who take up immediate corners of your heart. You’ll probably never know how much of an inspiration you are, how your innate skill at facilitating such a magical course has affected us all, or how very, very special you are, but I hope that one day you FEEL it. My gratitude to you will last forever.”
— Antonia

You are an inspiration – as a woman, mother and doula. This week would have been nowhere near as wonderful, kind, interesting, fun and bonding had you not been leading the charge. Thank you! I am so excited for this new chapter in life and for you to be a be a part of it – your wisdom, humour and honesty make you the amazing human you are.”
— Lucie

Sophie, I admire you! I feel totally blessed to have been taught by you, but also to have met such a strong, inspirational and warm woman. You make me very excited about doula work and give me belief and hope. You are an amazing woman. Keep doing what you are doing because people need you! Thank you such an amazing journey.”
— Katinka

I feel I have been on the most incredible, emotional, rewarding journey this week and your “wise owl” guidance has been amazing. You emanate compassion but also such a clear belief that you are there to empower and not to save. Amazing. Thank you. Thank you.”
— Sophie

What an absolute inspiration you are. An amazing teacher, a beautiful soul and bursting with love and kindness. It has been a privilege. Thank you.”
— Tash

And a few other anonymous quotes from evaluation forms …

Fantastic trainer. You’re full of warmth and still show such passion in your profession. Keep doing what you do best. You’re an inspiration.”

Included everyone; upbeat; passionate; non-judgemental and open-minded”

Friendly, welcoming, encouraging, informative, good at making you think for yourself rather than just telling you the information. Sophie helped me to feel at ease pre-course and make me feel included during the course.”

Very good at listening, very good at encouraging everyone, very positive about what people said, she was not negative at all”

Sophie has so much experience and knowledge and shows her passion for her job as a doula – that was very inspiring. She was open and answered all the questions”