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  • Preaching to the Converted – reaching out

    I have recently been hugely inspired by conferences attended by doulas, midwives, obstetricians and other birth workers.  The passion and positivity that comes from these events is so rewarding, but also it brings new challenges.  In so many workshops/study days/seminars I attend the speakers are preaching to the converted - we know just how important where, with whom and how a woman gives birth is.  So, I have been thinking about how to extend this - how to get those all-important messages out to the people who matter - the women giving birth, and the people supporting them. Many people will have

  • Kate’s Due Date Revealed!

    Stop the presses - we know when Princess Kate is going to give birth.  Or do we?  Actually the only time we can ever be certain of when a baby is going to arrive is if there is a scheduled caesarean, and there is no denying that in some cases that is a positive thing.  However, I have come to really loathe the concept of the 40-week due date for a number of reasons: Firstly, it seems such an arbitrary figure to pluck out of the air.  In medical terms a baby is believed to have reached full-term from 37 weeks