Caesareans and “One World Birth”


Alto Films who made the brilliant documentary, “Doula!  The Ultimate Birth Companion” have set up a new website, One World Birth is a free video resource about birth issues aimed at professionals, campaigners and parents who want to keep their finger on the pulse of what is happening in birth today.  There is a wealth of video clips on all topics birth-related with interviews from some of the most respected individuals in the world.  I am loving dipping into the videos and hearing so many opinions that echo my own about how women have become so fearful around birth.  I have been particularly saddened to hear of and read birth stories recently where women have felt so unsupported, out of control, bullied and cajoled into making decisions they don’t agree with.  No wonder the c-section rate is at almost 30% in London and the induction and intervention rates so incredibly high.  I appreciate that having a doula is not an option for everyone, or may not be something a couple feel comfortable with, so I am always happy to work antenatally with a couple – to spend time talking, listening, preparing and supporting them in the run up to the birth.  Please don’t hesitate to get in touch if that is something you feel would be of benefit.  I will happily tailor-make a package to suit you.

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