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  • Aromatherapy oils

    I have promised so many classes over the years that I would let you know about my favourite Aromatherapy book. I have relied on "The Fragrant Pharmacy" by Valerie Worwood which has an excellent chapter on Babies and Children. We had a workshop with an Aromatherapist when training with Peter Walker who was at pains to explain that it is important not to overload a baby's senses with lots of fragrances, especially chemical ones, and interfere with the Mother/baby smells. A lovely tip I learnt recently is to sleep on your baby's blanket during pregnancy, take it with you to

  • Nappies and chemicals in baby-products

    I have attempted to research into the tricky area of chemicals used in our everyday products. As many of you know I have been fairly vocal about how irresponsible some of the bigger brand name companies are in continuing to use chemicals in their products. The difficulty I have come up against is that there are plenty of environmentally responsible websites out there who make the subject very sensational, and I feel that most of us suffer a great deal of eco-guilt, particularly when it comes to our babies. So, I wanted to find specific information and give you some

  • Mastitis

    Mastitis is a subject that has come up several times in the past few months, so I thought I would pass on some of the information gleaned from my doula course about it. Mastitis - inflammation of the breast tissue - is a painful condition that sometimes affects breastfeeding women. It can occur with or without the presence of infection, and is almost always attributable to poor milk flow. Its onset can be sudden; generally you will feel "achey" and feverish as if developing 'flu' and part of your breast will appear swollen, red (sometimes shiny) and feel hot and painful