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  • Teething

    Teething is another popular subject with new Mums - we all know about teething granules, teething rings and Calpol, but another thing to investigate is Baltic amber.  A friend of mine swore by teething necklaces with all three of her sons, and I have subsequently heard a lot of other positive reports.  The advocates say that natural anti-inflammatory and pain-relieving properties of Baltic amber are perfect to soothe teething babies and that wearing the beads close to the skin will help calm a baby without resorting to drugs.  Amber teething necklaces/anklets relieve the pain of teething in babies and toddlers when

  • Cradle Cap

    The subject of cradle cap has come up several times in recent weeks - possibly because of the weather and our skin tending to be drier in the winter.  Cradle cap is a fungal skin condition which is very common in babies.  Most people are advised to use an anti-fungal shampoo, but my personal experience, and reports from others, has proved that this is not the best way forward - in my experience it dries the skin out too much which can often cause the baby to scratch and then get reinfected and very sore.  Tui Bee Balme (which I

  • Suncream

    With any luck the summer is approaching and I have been doing a bit of research in to sun creams. If, like me, you worry about the chemical content of most things we put on our skins, then my latest recommendation is Jason Sunbrellas range. I put two of their sun creams to the test when I was skiing, and even my very resistant husband liked them! Unlike a lot of other organic/chemical-free suncreams they are really easy to use and smell great! You can get Jason products at As Nature Intended, Whole Foods and online at or

  • Reflux, Colic and Tummy Time

    This month's focus has been on Reflux, so it is probably useful to cover some ground about tummy time etc. Peta Smith, Vice Chair of the Association of Paediatric Chartered Physiotherapists says, "Research shows babies placed on their backs to sleep who were then placed on their front for extra time during the day were able to roll, crawl, sit, pull to stand and eventually walk earlier than those who were mainly placed on their backs ... By spending time on their tummies babies learn to move from side to side and this helps them learn to reach and crawl. Not

  • Nutrition for Mothers

    Some interesting things I have discovered about sugar! I have always had a ridiculously sweet tooth and I now know that a lot of the time it is down to Candida - a fungus that naturally occurs in the gut, but can overwhelm you leading to fatigue, bloating, constipation and a whole host of other symptoms. It is very common and one of the main symptoms of it is sugar-cravings, due to the fungus (a yeast) needing to feed on sugars. I have discovered a few things that can make a world of difference: 1) Probiotics. Most of us know about acidophilus

  • Cranial Osteopathy

    Cranial Osteopathy is something that seems to be invaluable for many babies. The Foundation for Paediatric Osteopathy, based in Clerkenwell, is a charity set up to offer cranial treatments to all kids on a donations basis. They now have a satellite clinic operating out of St John's Hill Therapy Centre on a Friday (booking essential). This is what they say about treatment ... "Paediatric osteopathy, a term coined by the Foundation, uses gentle manual techniques to bring about profound changes within a child or young person's body, using non-invasive but highly effective rebalancing procedures. These allow the different body systems -

  • Chiropractic Treatments for Mums before, during and after pregnancy

    I have been seeing Mary Lou Watson, a Chiropractor in Battersea, for several years - she helped me through two pregnancies and even managed to completely rid me of very uncomfortable pelvic girdle pain (also known as symphysis pubis dysfunction) in my second. This is what she has to say, Many new or even 2nd time around Mums ignore their own aches and pains and concentrate solely on their babies often at the expense of their own welfare. Life with a new baby is very demanding what with feeding, bathing, lifting and bending awkwardly to protect the baby. Being correctly aligned